Adam Ratzman

Bachelor's Degree

I graduated from Indiana University in December 2021 with this degree.

Indiana University Bloomington , Bloomington, Indiana

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Highest Distinction

Fall 2019 - Fall 2021

GPA: 3.943

Major GPA: 3.897


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2017 - 2018

Summer 2018

Transfer classes

2019 - 2020

Fall 2019

Semester GPA: 3.953

CSCI-C 212Intro to Software Systems (4 credits)A
CSCI-C 241Discrete Structures for Computer Science (3 credits)A-
CSCI-Y 390Undergraduate Independent Study (3 credits)A+
EDUC-U 215Foundations of Undergraduate Success (3 credits)A
FRIT-F 314Creative/Critical Writing in French (3 credits)A
HON-H 241Scientific Uncertainty & Discovery (3 credits)A

Transfer classes

Spring 2020

(This semester was interrupted midway due to COVID-19)

Semester GPA: 3.889

CSCI-B 365Data Analysis and Mining (3 credits)A
CSCI-C 343Intro to Software Systems (4 credits)A-
FRIT-F 316Conversational Practice (3 credits)A
MIL-G 102Foundations in Leadership (2 credits)A
POLS-Y 109Intro to International Relations (3 credits)A-
CSCI-Y 395Career Development for Computer Science Majors (1 credits)A+
SPH-H 318Drug Use in American Society (3 credits)A

Summer 2020

(These classes were completed virtually during my remote internship with Microsoft)

Semester GPA: 4.000

GNDR-G 225Gender, Sexuality, & Pop Culture (3 credits)A
CSCI-C 323Mobile App Development (3 credits)A
EAS-E 131Oceans & Our Global Environment (3 credits)A
STAT-S 350Intro to Statistical Inference (3 credits)A
MATH-M 216Calculus II (5 credits)A+

2020 - 2021

Fall 2020

(This semester was completed entirely virtually due to COVID-19)

Semester GPA: 3.938

CSCI-B 351Intro to Artificial Intelligence (3 credits)A-
CSCI-B 363Bioinformatics Algorithms (4 credits)A
CSCI-C 292Intro to Game Programming (3 credits)A+
STAT-S 352Data Modeling and Inference (3 credits)A+
CSCI-C 290Topics in Computer Science
(Topic: Machine Learning for Everyone) (1.5 credits)

Spring 2021

(Except for HON-H 238, this semester was completed entirely virtually due to COVID-19)

Semester GPA: 3.933

CSCI-B 403Intro to Algorithm Design & Analysis (3 credits)A-
ILS-Z 604Topics in Library & Information Science
(Topic: Deception and Counterintelligence) (3 credits)
HON-H 238Politics and Communication
(Topic: Applied Improvisation) (3 credits)
CSCI-A 290Tools for Computing
(Topic: JavaScript) (1.5 credits)
SOAD-N 110Intro to Studio Art (3 credits)A

2021 - 2021

Fall 2021

(This semester was completed in-person)

Semester GPA: 4.000

CSCI-C 295Leadership and Learning (1 credits)A+


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