Adam Ratzman


An incomplete list of online projects and utilities I've created.


Academic record

View my BS, MS, and MBA degree class records.

AP Calculus Interactive Review Site

A comprehensive review site for calculus theorems, derivatives, and integrals, with options to test yourself with randomly-generated relevant problems


Generate Spotify OAuth Token

Quickly and easily generate a Spotify OAuth Token to use in spotify-web-api-kotlin

My Top Tracks and Artists

See what your short, medium, and long-term Spotify top tracks and artists are

Spotify Category List

See all available Spotify categories

Spotify Genre List

See all available Spotify genres

Spotify Playlist Creator

Allows you to create a Spotify playlist specifically tailored to your tastes


Base Converter

Easily convert between different base systems

Character counter

Small project with a character and word counter

Arbitrary Precision Calculator

For when you need really big numbers

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